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Get caught up with the Royal Marine Space Commandos

It’s May 2021 and I last updated this site in 2019. Yeah. I’ve struggled to get myself together for a long time and progress has been slow in all areas of my life, but I’ve steadily been getting better. 

I’ve lost a little weight, improved my sleep, and I’m working toward a better writing habit. As I’ve said elsewhere, it’s been me, not James that has been the hold up. He’s actually had to work on his solo books while he waits for me to do my share. 

Apologies to any readers who’ve been waiting for the books to come out but if you bear with us, I promise that we’ve got a great plan for the series. 

With book seven, which is about halfway through the first draft as of May 21, the series will take a new turn, due to the events of book six, Fleet.

It’s a little hard to do without spoilers, but the first six books can be considered as one arc, The Deathless War. The next major arc will take another six books to complete so that will take us to twelve books in the main series.

We originally planned to tell our story across nine books in three mini arcs. It grew in the writing though, like a cube of jelly absorbing knights and wizards and we’re confident that twelve is the right number for that main story to be finished. 

However, there’s a whole bunch of ideas that would deal the aftermath of the events that begin in Commando with the start of The Deathless War. It would not be hard to flesh out those ideas and write another six book arc, and if there’s sufficient demand we can certainly do that, without padding out the storyline. 

We also have plans for more short stories about Ten and ideas for some prequels. 

What didn’t get announced here?

The books I didn’t announce here in a timely fashion are Dreadnought (Book 5), Fleet (Book 6), By Strength and Guile, and Ten Tales: Volume 1. 

The By Strength and Guile trilogy is now available as a single volume box set, which includes an extra novella about a mission one of the characters went on earlier in his career. The book features Marine X/Ten being pulled from the frontline of The Deathless War at the end of Dreadnought for a secret mission, and takes place in the time before Fleet begins. Ten is required for his specialist knowledge, to help an SBS team carry out a top secret mission in another part of the galaxy as a new enemy makes itself known.

Ten Tales is a collection of short stories about Ten’s colourful career (some of the names are changed for security reasons). It’s intended to be read for ‘free’ in Kindle Unlimited, but you can buy it for £0.99/$0.99 if you don’t subscribe. Ultimately, we’ll collect those stories into one omnibus so we can release it in one book and as a paperback as well. 

What about Thieftakers? I’m here for fantasy law enforcement

Me too! But honestly, the book didn’t sell well, even when I got a new cover for it, and it was my first book. I absolutely intend to follow it up with a whole series, but as you can tell by how long it’s taken to get the last couple of RMSC books out, my productivity has been awful. 

I’ve let James down and he’s been very patient and supportive. I owe it to him to do my best to get back on form and so I’m fully committed to finishing the twelve main series RMSC books as soon as possible, even if it doesn’t look like it.

That’s the best career and financial move for us and happily, it’s the best for the readers too. After that, we can look at whether or not we should do the third arc we have ideas for, or write other things. 

Now, I mentioned above James has been able to work on his own projects. This is because he’s much more efficient than me. If I can get back to my maximum level of productivity, I will actually have enough time to work on RMSC at a high rate, and also produce Thieftaker sequels. But I won’t start that, until I’m happy I can manage two series at once, as I can always just make it the project I return to once RMSC is finished. 

Thanks for all your support, and if you’d like to help us get more books written, please leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads, share the books on social media, and join the Facebook page and groups. I promise, all those things really do help encourage us to write, but particularly me. 

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