We launched Ascendant yesterday with a fan pricing structure. For the first few days or so, it’ll be at $0.99 /£0.99 as a way to thank our fans for their support, so this week is the time to get your copy.

We don’t have time to be idle though, James will be down in Cardiff for another writing retreat at the end of July and we’ll be getting into the meat of the next book (as well as working out what to call it). Book 4 will shift focus a little to concentrate on the activities of the Royal Navy as they fight the encroaching menace of the Deathless. It will follow on directly from Ascendant and, of course, the Royal Marine Space Commandos will still have a big role to play. After all, the Royal Navy is there to handle the big ships, the Marines are still there to take the lead in boarding actions, drop ship assaults and fighting hand to hand in power armour!

Thank you for your support and we hope you enjoy Ascendant. Don’t forget, get your copy this week if you want to save yourself a few units of your local currency! 🙂 

Infiltrate. Assess. Exfiltrate. 


Aboard the captured enemy ship, Ascendant, Captain Warden and Lieutenant Commander Cohen must lead a mission to explore a star system held by the Deathless. NewPet is close to the colony world of New Bristol, and they must discover what threat it poses to the Commonwealth.

They have deployed in enemy clones, and have their armour and weapons to complete the deception. Now they must infiltrate a militarised star system and gather vital intelligence for the war effort. What these space marines face on NewPet will test the limits of their skill and resourcefulness like never before.


Can the Commandos reconnoitre the Deathless facilities and gather the intelligence they need to defend the Commonwealth?

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