Hunted by a superior foe out for revenge, can Dreadnought survive?

Commodore Cohen wants to use his new fleet to cripple the Koschite Republic’s war effort, by destroying their enormous shipyard at U-235. But after Admiral Morgan lost two fleets to Deathless ambushes, the Royal Navy can’t risk another failed attack.

When Dreadnought is sent to investigate Deathless asteroid mining facilities, Admiral Tomsk recognises his chance to deal a crippling blow to the Royal Navy, and also take his revenge on the man he sees as his nemesis.

With a brand new flagship, Tomsk pursues Cohen, convinced that he will sink his battleship and have his vengeance.

Will Tomsk get his wish, or will Cohen find a way to overcome him once more? Can Captain Warden and the marines gather intelligence that will reveal the Deathless plans?

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Fleet is the sixth book in the Royal Marine Space Commandos military sci-fi series, and features the return of Marine X from his secret mission in the By Strength and Guile trilogy.


Dreadnought; a museum piece in the frontline of an interstellar war.

Lieutenant Commander Cohen has been given command of a relic, an orbital museum pressed back into service by a desperate Royal Navy.

After a hasty refit, he takes Dreadnought on a rescue mission deep into enemy territory to retrieve an admiral taken hostage by the Deathless. If the interrogators break Admiral Morgan before Cohen can reach him, the Deathless will gain a wealth of classified intelligence and an unbeatable advantage in the war.

But the odds are against them. Will Dreadnought survive the voyage? Can Cohen find the Admiral before he talks? Will Captain Warden and his Marines be able to rescue the hostage?

Dreadnought is the fifth book in the gritty Royal Marine Space Commandos military sci-fi series. If you like battle-hardened heroes, space fleet combat, and non-stop action, then you’ll love Jon & James Evans’ star-spanning exploits.

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Book 2

Only two ships escape a deadly ambush that destroys an entire fleet.

Can the crew of two battered Royal Navy vessels, and the Marines they carry stay alive long enough to make it home?

Captain Cohen must find a safe place to make repairs so they can return to New Bristol and report the disastrous losses during the Battle of Akbar. With interstellar communications and hyperspace engines down, and with atmosphere escaping all over the ship, it’s a desperate struggle to survive for the crew of Ascendant.

To gather the resources they need, the Marines must carry out missions on behalf of a mysterious local faction. Will they win the hearts and minds of asteroid dwelling locals or pour fire on an escalating interstellar conflict?

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Book 2

Infiltrate. Assess. Exfiltrate. 

Aboard the captured enemy ship, Ascendant, Captain Warden and Lieutenant Commander Cohen must lead a mission to explore a star system held by the Deathless. NewPet is close to the colony world of New Bristol, and they must discover what threat it poses to the Commonwealth.

They have deployed in enemy clones, and have their armour and weapons to complete the deception. Now they must infiltrate a militarised star system and gather vital intelligence for the war effort. What these space marines face on NewPet will test the limits of their skill and resourcefulness like never before.


Can the Commandos reconnoitre the Deathless facilities and gather the intelligence they need to defend the Commonwealth?

Book 2

For the colony to survive, the Commandos must go on the offensive!

Lieutenant Warden’s Marines have driven the enemy from New Bristol and saved the colony but they’re not yet in the clear. Now they face a new challenge; the imminent arrival of an enemy fleet.


Together with the colonists, Warden and Atticus mount a guerrilla war against the invaders, driving them back in an attempt to save the city and secure the colony.


But the invaders have their own plans and resources. Huge walking tanks, massive production facilities and advanced technology are all deployed as they try to break the Royal Marines and take the planet from the colonists.

Can Warden and his Commandos hold out until the Royal Navy arrives?

Book 2

A colony is under invasion. It’s time to send in the Commandos.

When the Royal Marines are called to New Bristol, they’re expecting their mission will be just another insurgent hunt. What they face when they arrive is anything but a spot of local trouble though.

After a brutal firefight, Lieutenant Warden finds himself leading the remaining Commandos in defence of the colonists. Their enemy has superior numbers, weaponry and armour. They see the colony as a soft target, but they weren’t counting on facing the Royal Marine Space Commandos.

Warden must bring the fight to the enemy, and bring it with all the fire and fury he can summon. With only their basic weapon packages and equipment available, it’ll be a tough fight.

Can one young Lieutenant and a score of Marines bring an end to the invasion?

Thieftaker by Jon Evans

Why was the murder of a local merchant so vicious?

Mere days after he takes charge of the Old Gate Watch House, Captain Edrin Loft must solve a crime so shocking that even veteran Sergeant Aliria Gurnt finds it stomach turning. With no witnesses or apparent motive for the crime, finding the culprit seems an impossible task.

But Loft has new scientific methods to apply to crime fighting. His first successful investigation caused a political scandal that embarrassed the Watch. Promotion to his own command was the solution. Known as The Thieftakers, they are the dregs of the Kalider City Watch, destined to spend the rest of their careers hunting criminals in the worst neighbourhoods. After all, what fuss could he cause running down thieves and murderers in the slums?

Old Gate and this murder might be the perfect combination of place and crime to test his theories. The Thieftakers are the best Kalider has at tracking criminals, and Loft must teach them investigative skills to match.

Can he validate his theories and turn the Thieftakers into the first detectives in Kalider?

Book 2

Edrin Loft will return in the future!

I have every intention of continuing Edrin Lofts story, but it’s just not on the cards until we complete the RMSC series. At the moment we’re working on book seven of that series which will run to at least twelve books.

I’ve had a couple of bad years, but I’m trying hard to get back on top form, physically, mentally and in terms of productivity. As and when I do, I might be able to sustain writing in both series at once.

Book two of the Edrin Loft Mysteries series is a work in progress. It will follow the adventures of Captain Loft, Sergeant Gurnt and The Thieftakers as they investigate the underworld of Kalider. The Thieftakers are on the hunt, looking for a gang of smugglers.

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