We’re almost done with the writing on our new book, Commando. It fits firmly in the space marine category and is the first of a trilogy. You like trilogies, right? What? You LOVE trilogies?

Well, we’ll be going one better on that. If the Commando trilogy proves popular, we have more books planned. There are two more trilogy story arcs to follow which will further explore the world of the Royal Marine Space Commandos, the future of the human expansion from Sol and what will happen when we first make contact with aliens.

That’s right, if this all goes to plan (and we all love it when a plan comes together so I’m sure we’ll have your support), there will be nine books across three linked trilogies. Each trilogy will be an independent entry into the universe we’re building. Maybe you prefer books about the starships that our descendants will take to war to defend their homes, well that’s fine, the second trilogy will all about the Navy.

In the world of Commando, you’ll find a lot of differences to some of the series you’re used to. We’re British and we decided that our Marines wouldn’t just be plain old marines from the human federation of united planets and colonies. Ours would be the future version of the Royal Marines that have served our country so well for hundreds of years (literally – look it up, they’ve been around a while). In our vision of the future, multiple nations of Earth have colonised Sol and have reached beyond that into the farthest reaches of the galaxy. Or at least, some of the closer bits. They’re not using teleportation after all, and the Milky Way is 100,000 light years across! Still, some of the colonies are a long way from home. Lots of nations, groups of nations, international organisations, companies, and even private citizens have launched colony ships over the centuries.

During that time, Earth and Sol have found peace. Humanity is, for the most part, a prosperous and cooperative species. Most military forces spend their time dealing with police issues on distant colonies, the occasional act of piracy or humanitarian aid. As far as they’ve gone, humans still haven’t met an alien worth mentioning (unless you’re the only botanist on a large planet perhaps).

That’s all about to change and when it launches, you can read how in Commando.


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