We’re pleased to announce that Commando has launched on Amazon today, you can get your copy now.

Commando is the first in the Royal Marine Space Commando series. If you’d like to find out when the next one is out, please sign up to the mailing list on one of our sites, or better yet, both!

A colony is under invasion. It’s time to send in the Commandos.

When the Royal Marines are called to New Bristol, they’re expecting their mission will be just another insurgent hunt. What they face when they arrive is anything but a spot of local trouble though.

After a brutal firefight, Lieutenant Warden finds himself leading the remaining Commandos in defence of the colonists. Their enemy has superior numbers, weaponry and armour. They see the colony as a soft target, but they weren’t counting on facing the Royal Marine Space Commandos.

Warden must bring the fight to the enemy, and bring it with all the fire and fury he can summon. With only their basic weapon packages and equipment available, it’ll be a tough fight.

Can one young Lieutenant and a score of Marines bring an end to the invasion?

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