We’ve had an excellent weekend writers retreat and have made great progress on the Royal Marine Space Commandos Series. Book 2, which follows the Marines as they defend the colony of New Bristol from the ravages of a full-scale invasion force delivered by a fleet of ships. The Royal Navy hasn’t arrived and the Marines must hold out, undermanned, underequipped and against the odds, they must fight build a civilian militia, regroup and fight a guerrilla war against the enemy.

You can find Guerrilla on Amazon: Guerrilla

For the colony to survive, the Commandos must go on the offensive!

Lieutenant Warden’s Marines have driven the enemy from New Bristol and saved the colony but they’re not yet in the clear. Now they face a new challenge; the imminent arrival of an enemy fleet.

Together with the colonists, Warden and Atticus mount a guerrilla war against the invaders, driving them back in an attempt to save the city and secure the colony.

But the invaders have their own plans and resources. Huge walking tanks, massive production facilities and advanced technology are all deployed as they try to break the Royal Marines and take the planet from the colonists.


Can Warden and his Commandos hold out until the Royal Navy arrives?

We’ve been working hard on the sequel as well and have a strong outline in progress. The third book, Ascendant will follow the Marines beyond the confines of New Bristol and out into the wider Royal Marine Space Commandos universe. No spoilers but we think you’ll enjoy it. 

Oh, and for anyone wondering about Ten (Marine X), you’ll get plenty more of his antics in Guerrilla. We also have plans for some more material that will give you another fix, make sure you’re on our mailing lists and following us on Facebook if you want to hear about the new books as soon as they’re out. Of course, we’re going to concentrate on Ascendant as we think it’s important to progress the main story arc before we write some of the side stories we have in mind. Don’t worry, we aren’t going to make you wait years for the next book. 😉 

The RMSC universe will go well beyond the first trilogy. There are two more trilogies planned to follow up, exploring more of the universe, different characters, new locations and the Royal Navy will all be part of the second and third trilogies. 

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