Only two ships escape a deadly ambush that destroys an entire fleet.

Can the crew of two battered Royal Navy vessels, and the Marines they carry stay alive long enough to make it home?

Captain Cohen must find a safe place to make repairs so they can return to New Bristol and report the disastrous losses during the Battle of Akbar. With interstellar communications and hyperspace engines down, and with atmosphere escaping all over the ship, it’s a desperate struggle to survive for the crew of Ascendant.

To gather the resources they need, the Marines must carry out missions on behalf of a mysterious local faction. Will they win the hearts and minds of asteroid dwelling locals or pour fire on an escalating interstellar conflict?

Buy Gunboat to brace yourself for an exhilarating page-turner today!

Gunboat has launched on Amazon and is available now. It’s been a long while since we’ve published a book – July 2018 to December 2018 and we’re not happy about that time delay, but there was a good reason. 

We signed a deal with Podium Publishing in the summer of 2018 for them to do the audiobooks of the Royal Marine Space Commandos series. As part of that process, we wanted to revisit the first three books and make sure any niggling errors or problems were resolved. 

The edits that we did were extensive and it was a lengthy process. For the most part, we simply improved the language, and fixed typos and the like. In the case of Guerrilla though, we wrote two story threads which we’d considered in the original outline but ultimately, hadn’t included when the book was launch.

This added over 15,000 words of strong, character-driven story to the book. We got our first, in-depth look at the citizens of New Bristol and how they’re dealing with the war. The book is greatly improved as a result and we encourage you to make sure your copy is up to date. 

All that work improved all three books, making them significantly better reads for the future audience. Importantly, the texts are now definitive and the audiobooks were able to be recorded. 

After all that we attended a conference in November and obtained new book covers, to further secure our position in the military sci-fi genre. We loved our previous covers but these new one covers are a bold statement going forward. 

Gunboat is now live and you can get it on Amazon to find out the next chapter. We’re also about a third of the way through Dreadnought and you can expect to see that in the New Year. 

The audiobooks will begin appearing around the end of January – more on that later. 


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